True Religion

Performed by Couch Prints
Written by Brandon Tong, Jayanna Roberts
Produced by Brandon Tong, Junius Karr, Thomas O’Donnell, ero
Mixed by Brandon Tong Mastered by Alec Nes
Music Video
Direction   Gentle Woman Club
Cinematography   Michael Cong
Production   Màn Rán Studio
Graphic Design   Colin Doerffler

Empty Head

Frankie Cosmos - Empty Heads (Official Video)
Director: Sophia Bennett Holmes
Cinematographer: Michael Cong
Assistant Camera: Gabriela Azevedo
Gaffer: Marina Charriton
Flight Coach: Roman Gosse
VFX: Sam Motamedi
Colorist: Luca Balser
Titles: Cade Featherstone
Cast in order of appearance:  Alex Bailey, Lauren Martin, Luke Pyenson, Greta Kline

Performed by Couch Prints
Music Video produced by
Associate Producer Paddy Ma



Director: Hector Prats

Production Design: Marissa Todd

Colorist: Michael Cong

Captured on AATON XTR PROD + CANON 11.5-138MM ZOOM


Director: Arthur Gay

Production Design: Melissa Todd

Camera: Cece Chan

Gaffer: Emmet Luciano

Colorist: Michael Cong

Captured on ALEXA XT + Cooke Speed Panchro

Michael Cong

Michael Cong is a Chinese filmmaker based in New York. He is a passionate cinematographer working with narratives and commercials. With respect and dedication, Michael creates a sensitive world of cinematic wonders. 

Communication and integrity are important to Michael’s filmmaking process. He is an experimental filmmaker by heart and loves collaborating with creatives from all around the world.

Language: English, Mandarin
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