Song Written, Recorded and Produced by Vitesse X
Mixed by Jorge Elbrecht
Mastered by Joe LaPorta 

Production Màn Rán Studio
Director + Cinematographer Michael Cong
Production Designer gentlewomanclub
Lighting Director Emmet Luciano
Art Director Kanne Vee
Motorcycle Rider Kat Tom
Driver Ke liu
Editor Michael Cong + gentlewomanclub
Colorist Michael Cong
Film Processing NEGATIVELAND

Michael Cong

Michael Cong is a Chinese filmmaker based in New York. He is a passionate cinematographer working with narratives and commercials. With respect and dedication, Michael creates a sensitive world of cinematic wonders. 

Communication and integrity are important to Michael’s filmmaking process. He is an experimental filmmaker by heart and loves collaborating with creatives from all around the world.

Language: English, Mandarin
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